Sample Memo 1(Request for Pull-out)

To: Engr. Jose Roland Flores
Department Head
From: Juan Batoctoy
Subjects:Request for Pull-out
Date: 30 July 2008


My 10 months stay here at XYZ Company has been an invaluable experience for me. I came here as a novice but now I have become expert in terms of writing letters and communicating through the phone.

Unfortunately, I’m an electronic student and my job doesn’t fit my course. My supervisor told me that I will be relocated in the testing department after 3 months but it has been delayed and few months from now we will have our graduation. I want to enhance my electronic skills and knowledge to prepare me in the real world before I graduate, that is why I’m requesting to pull-out from this company and transfer to other company where I can use my technical skills.

I am looking forward to your positive response.

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